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I realize you can choose your saber and stuff before you begin. But let's say you BEAT Chandrilla and then go to Tatooine. Does it let you choose your saber AGAIN? Or do you only get to choose it right at the start?
I believe you can only choose your saber once.

And does it (as I assumed) give you a force star for completing each of the demo missions, or do you not get to assign any force points? Or does give you a force star before each mission, like it does in the full?
You get only one force star.

About the Weapon Loadouts. Ah, so Chandrilla actually doesn't give you all the weapons like it does in the full?
Nope :/

Correct me if I'm wrong, or tell me the loadouts for the standard tiers in JA (full). I thought that on Tier 3 you got to choose the merr sonn and concussion rifle as well.
That is correct.

I can't remember in the Chadrilla demo if I was able to FIND a Concussion and use it, or if I had to use cheats to get it.
You can get the Concussion Rifle twice actually, one at the very start from a Merc, and another from a Merc in a secret area.

can you give me a list for each mission of any new enemies or new weapons you find in the field?
Yea, I guess I could give it a shot Might take a little while, but I can probably get it.

One last thing, do I need to finish getting all the enemies/weapons to you before I get that "position" you mentioned in your first post?

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