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I sent you the info, check your PM inbox.

It sounds like can't be on a lot 'cause of your parents, but hey, at least you got the walkthrough done, so kudos for that! ; )

And just because you're on the team now doesn't mean you other people out there can't submit stuff to be posted!

One more thing Sam, you said this:

You get only one force star.
So, spell it out for me so I'm not confused. You begin Tatooine and you have one Force Star to assign to another power (IN ADDITION to the ones you listed as your starting powers), but when you start Chandrilla, you get NO force stars to assign, just your preset powers?

And if you play them in reverse order (ie: Chandrilla first, then Tatooine) do you get that Force Star to assign before Chandrilla, or do you ONLY get it before you begin Tatooine?

You see what I'm saying...? Because if this were the Full game, you would get one Force Star to assign before Tatooine and one Force star to assign before Chandrilla (right?), and you get to keep that Star unless you quit the mission (abandoned) and went back to the mission choosing screen.

Also: The updates are posted. Levels 25 & 26, Light & Dark versions are posted, and contents page is updated. Let me know if you see any mistakes.

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