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For All to Read: Since the game is coming out soon...

There's a few things I want to make crystal clear with the community.

If there's anything you want seen done with the main site, just ask in the Feedback forum. I'll see it, the other staffers will see it, and we'll take things into consideration.

Yes, the site's content pages will be updated by the time the game is released.'s better to get these things done ahead of time so if problems arise, I can just point back at this, point my head up at the sky and cackle like the devious guy I am.

ANY discussion of SW: Battlefront warez (including where to get one, saying you got it early via warez, condoning the warez, etc) will result in a (most likely temporary) ban.

"But Uncle Jed", you say, "why not?"

Plain and simple, kiddos. It's not right. We don't condone it, and we don't expect you to either.

Alright? Any questions, ask me or any of the other mods via PM, and I'll leave this thread open for questions for awhile. Don't spam the thread - I'll keep it questions only.

Happy Gaming, and let's get ready for Battlefront!
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