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(("Followed the instructions" ?!
come on JM! think of something better :P
like diologue

Matt "WTF? STFU NUB! I ownz0rs j00!!11!1!one!!1one!!1"

j/k :P

anyway, here comes a bit of story for the two characters))

*Sir-Vin closes his eyes and slightly lowers his head.*

Sir-Vin "You still lack some discipline, although today's event I won't blame your curiosity. I won't hinder on such, it's natural, how ever it is that discipline that you fore lack of."

*Sir-Vin pulls from the scatchel a few incense wicks two stand for them, and a small black case.

He takes two wicks and ignites them both, and places them into stands between the two, roughly off to each side. Then he takes out the stone which he had purchased earilyer, which he places along with the small case in front of Matthew.*

Sir-Vin "There are meny ways in which to properly shape a rough ore like this into a useable crystal suitable for properly passing a beam of energy through. You have yet to have been gifted with the opertunity of wielding a Lightsaber of your own. However, like I mentioned, you lack discipline that I believe needs to be earned to be trusted with such. A lightsaber, is not a weapon, but an extention of a Jedi's being. I believe this way you can learn such discipline."

((waits for reply before continueing :3 ))

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