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((Since wildjedi hasn't posted, I'm just going to move this scene along.

Otherwise Admiral might kill me. ))


"First of all," Misae whispered. "These people we're with, who own this ship, they're the Aesir. Yes, the Aesir. The ones who destroyed the stars, and killed my master, along with four-fifths of the galaxy's intelligent life. The ones no one can find any trace of, even with the Republic allying itself with the Imperials to look. Them."


Raschel's Quarters

Raschel entered alone, and shut and locked the door. She needed to think, to sort things out.

That conversation she had heard clearly meant that what they were trying to accomplish wasn't a secret or hidden thing anymore. If it ever was.

If two people know, then many people might know.

And the Aesir were hiding something, she was sure of it.

Something about that girl...


Marin's Quarters

Marin demorphed in the quiet of her room. To her relief, she was still able to breathe normally as she returned to her normal body, although her lungs rattled unpleasantly as they drew in too-dry normal air.

At least morphing can still be counted on to fix some things.

She felt a little dizzy.

This must be what asthma feels like to air-breathers.

It was an 'old wive's tale' among her people that if one of the "People of the Water", as they would say, stayed out of water for too long, their innards would shrivel up and they would either die or, if they had been deprived of water for a noble purpose, become cursed land-dwellers forever.

Of course this was not true, as Amnaer scientists and "half-landers" like her own father had demonstrated time and again. But a Water-Breather out of water too long did suffer averse effects, physical but especially psychological.

Physical effects were more pronounced in youth like herself...but with her overall good health, and the benefits morphing let her have, she had never even considered "drying up" and something she would have to worry about.

And as for the psychological effects...she had always thought herself immune to them. After all, a life with absent parents, spent mostly fending for yourself, tended to toughen you up a bit.

Clearly she wasn't tough enough.

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