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((well, I was thinking more things that Matt could do, like whats he thinking right now, and if he's doing anything
be specific ))

Sir-Vin 'Needs more consentration too it seems..' "Yes, I did obtain this when I was out. Pay attention."

*Sir-Vin opens up the case like a book, inside there were several more crystals of varing shapes. Each piece was held in to the case a certain way.*

Sir-Vin "These are pure diamonds, this 'kit' has been assembled by my Master. Each shape is designed for a certain process of reshaping of a suitable crystal to be used in a lightsaber. Each piece is also bound to the case itself, like a puzzle, one must be able to free one piece at a time using consentration and patence, or else any pieces that had been unbound, will then in turn be bound once more."

*Sir-Vin picks up the stone.*

"This particular crystal is of course softer then these diamonds, so when you do free all the 'tools' it won't be very hard to carve the shape out." *smiles* "Remind you, that there is only one of these, so there is no need for a mistake."

*He places it back down.*

"Remind you, this is not a simple task you must never use your hands to perform any of the processes in performing this. This will take time."

((Ie, cant jsut say *Matt gets the first piece out* ))

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