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Some good advice on how to handle certain situations:
  • If a troll enters the forum and starts making a thread which is just full of spam/flames or about illegal stuff, the worst thing to do is go straight in there and retaliate. Do not post, I repeat, do not post unless you are a mod who knows how to handle the situation.
  • The next thing to do is look at the main page to see which admins, SWBF mods or smods are online and PM then with the problem, stating where the flame threads are and which member it is. In case noone to handle the situation is online use the "Report post" feature. At all times be quick about it.
  • Again, do not post anything. Let the mods/admins handle it, as soon as they have been notified.
  • If a slightly different situation should arise, in which the troll has posted a lengthy speech with is not all flames (see the latest threads in the Swamp at the moment), I know it would be tempting to go in and right a lengthy speech in retaliation. This is ok, just make sure you consider these points:
  • Do not post any flames towards them whatsoever. If you do you will just be lowering yourself to their level.
  • Make sure you can back up your argument, and make your point, but don't go overboard.
  • Be as nice as you can about it (if that is possible). Being nicer will get you further than if you are nasty.
  • If you can get them to flame, and not do it yourself, there'll be a better chance of them getting banned.
  • Eventually they will either get bored or banned, depending on what approach you take.
  • Be sure to notify an admin/mod/smod anyway.

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