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((Time Skip: Roughly two days, remeber you can post action during the time skip just make sure you note they are before the below post (aka: Before time skip: *what happened* Time skip...))

Midgard: Orbit

*The Asgardried disenages the slipstream drive, and raises the shutters revealing a graveyard of ships that hide the planet. Heimdall and Svafa were currently on the bridge*

Heimdall: Raise the cloaking shield and contact ground control immediatly.

Asgardried: Yes..

*Svafa looking around at the wreckage of the Aesirian flleet*

Svafa: Only Nidhogg and his cohorts could have done this.

Heimdall: Jorrumgand was also involved. Look over there.

*Heimdall points to ship that seemed to have been crushed around the center. The comm interrupts any further comments*

Midgard Control: Welcome home. Coordinates are being sent. Lord Vidar wishes to speak with you as soon as you are groundside.

Heimdall: Thank you.

*The Asgardried flyes quickly through the debri weaving in and out of the wrecks heading towards the planet. There were signs that the on the larger halls that something burned through the ships. After abour five minutes of going through the wreckage clears to reveal a basically snow covered world with a belt of green running along the equator.

The ship enters the atmosphere flying over a sea of red and then a huge expanse of a snow covered forest heading for tall moutains that showed some rock but like everything else was blanket of snow.

As the ship approached the compound defensive bunkers could be seen as well as soldiers standing guard. The ship moves over a side building with an open top rotates and gently comes done for a smooth landing. Overhead large doors close sealing the ship in the bay. Once down the main entrance's ramp is lowered. *

Asgardried *over the comm so the entire group can hear*: We have arrived, assemble at the main entrance.

*Heimdall and Svafa stand. Heimdall is wearing blue armor with silver trim while Svafa is wearing red armor with gold trim, each have cloaks with similar color patterns of their armor (aka Heimdall has a blue cloak with silver trim).

They leave the bridge and walk towards the main entrance where Idun and Gerd are waiting. Idun was dressed in green armor with gold trim with a cloak like Heimdall's and Svafa's. Gerd was dressed in her armor and cloak that Heimdall had given her at Yevoh*

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