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Pre-Time Skip

Asgardried Corridor

"They brought us here," Misae said. "They claim they caused the Holocaust to spare the galaxy most of the suffering that it was about to endure, because a great evil was unleashed when their leader died.

"They say this was foretold. They assembled this group. They say our purpose is to undo this. We are looking for something called the 'Time Matrix'. A device they say can alter time. With it, they say we can stop all this.

"According to the Aesir, this galaxy will be utterly destroyed within nineteen years. We've been hunting for the Time Matrix for a year now. You are only the second surviving Jedi I have seen since the Holocaust started, the first being Halren."


Current Time Frame

Asgardried Cargo Hold - Guy's Ship

Guy sat alone in his ship's cockpit. He had left Ritchet to his own devices in the cargo hold, with droids secretly monitoring him. Or her. Or it.

He was monitoring the various communication channels that he always had as a Shadow. Former Shadow, now that he knew that they knew his secret. But although they had shut him out of their systems, he could still use his own, which he had always kept separate for this eventuality.

He had known this would happen. But he had planned it to be at his instigation.

All the 'assignments' that had been his territory had been reassigned, all the subversive 'programs' he had in progress, terminated. Just adding a few more to the list of slaves I couldn't free, of kidnapped beings I couldn't return, of lives I couldn't save from being ruined. Just a few more to the list of deaths that I couldn't stop.

The Asgardried called for assembly, and he ignored it for a couple minutes. Then, finally, he sighed and stood up.


Aidan's Quarters

So. "Midgard". Home of the Aesir.

Aidan took his long-ignored Aesirian-made mithril armor suit out of his quarters' closet. He had never before put it on, preferring to thumb his nose at whom he had used to see as his captors/unwilling protectors.

Not really captors. After all, I never actually tried to leave, did I?

Now, however, things were different. The Aesir had proven themselves worthy of respect several times over, and one of them has saved his life twice, his mind once.

He owed them, and Aidan always paid his debts in full.

He pulled on a gauntlet. It felt loose. He awkwardly tried to find a way to tighten it, then was startled as it suddenly shrunk and shaped itself to the the form of his hand and arm.

Oh. I'd forgotten about that.

He finished dressing himself, discarding his former clothing - which was really just the customary oversize gargoyle waistcloth - in his closet. He had expected the heavy-looking armor to slow him down, but it was actually very light, and was easy to move in. It felt almost as if it was a second skin.

He left his quarters and headed to meet the others at the main entrance.

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