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((Much better ))

*After witnessing Matt's progression everynow and then, going in to give Matt's daily rations, he was quite pleased. Out of the Fifteen pieces in the 'kit', he had released the first one, and now the second one. He had not yet told Matthew that each piece released required a higher level of consentration. Clearly the 'kit' was designed to be not only to test the worthyness of using such, but it was also a teaching device as well.*


*Flashback: 17 years before*

*Irvine sits in a grassy atrium, late at night, he had completed the first six pieces, working on the seventh. His appearence looked as if he'd been sitting there for at least a week, never ate, and follow apprentences came once in a while and gave him a glass of water.

His sensei, Jedi Master Chi stood and watched in a window with the simular smile as Sir-Vin had now. Master Chi walked out into the atrium with a bit of satisfaction on his face.

Irvine is about to release the seventh piece that he had been working on for nearly for four days...*



*All the pieces that he'd worked on had closed tight. The ingeniousness of the kit, not only did you have to use your mind to untie or solve a little puzzle to release the individual pieces, but after a certain number of pieces had been released, each additional piece after had to be released in a certain order or else the everysingle piece will reseal itself up again, allowing the user to start over. But never reclaiming the skill learned of the user.*

*The child Irvine stands up in a rage, he'd always had seem to have shown that natural side of him.*

Irvine *facing Chi, seeing the smile on his face* "You're enjoying this aren't you!!"

*Master Chi, seeing a mere ten year old boy standing up and in fit, trying to staredown an adult. He could do nothing but laugh. This caused Irvine to spin around and kick the kit.*

Master Chi *Before Irvine's foot even touched the kit* "Irvine!"

*Irvine stops in place, but not without lunging forward a bit with his momentum. Master Chi walks up to him.*

Master Chi "I know I didn't tell you about that, but it wouldn't have been fair to have told you. This will help you teach you patience, however this part is all about going deeper into the force and trying to predict which piece next to unlock."

*Master Chi looks down and sees a child holding back his pout and tears.*

Irvine *weary* "But... I.. Just w-wanted to m-make a lightsaber like yours.."

*Master Chi gets surprised, what could one expect from a child whom had been removed from his own family at infantcy, if not forceably. He smiles and places his hand on Irvine's head, and messes it up a bit. As the Master and the child apprentence sits back down and continues...

It took him another 5 years to complete alll the puzzles.*


*Irvine found out later that such a tool or device, which ever one may call it, would have been used on much older Padawans, but he'd been a special case. The older would have used much much less time.*

*Now truely taking on his name given to him by his masters, he trains Matt in the same manner. Sir-Vin had every notion to lend Matthew his own lightsaber to use until he can forge his own, but it seemed that the time was right to begin the more advanced to the learner.*


*Sir-vin was in the Main enterence, wearing his loose clothing, with a large cloak that consealed all, even what he may be holding under it, execpt for his head.

Irvine Cracern was leaning agenst the wall near the hatch, he was wearing his own loose clothing.*

Cracern "So Irvy, I haven't seen your student in since the duration of this trip, whats going on."

Sir-Vin "Well, if the Asgardreid's monitors watched Matthew's quarters a few times, I wouldn't doubt that our host's agree with what sort of training method I placed him in."

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