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((I'll take care of that in this post.

wildjedi, interesting you have Tanara have a "less-Jedi" side, because as everyone else knows, Misae has a very large "less-Jedi" side herself... ))

Pre-Time Skip

Asgardried Corridor

"It's complicated," Misae said. "But apparently these Aesir need us to complete a "quest" to find this Time Matrix. A sort of series of challenges and...tests, I guess. We have a map, but it likes to lead us in circles...

She noticed others approaching and stopped.

"Let's continue this elsewhere," she said.

She took Tanara's arm again and pulled her away.

((OOS: Wildjedi, consider Tanara basically appraised on all the backstory that is in the first post of the thread. But if you want to have her character ask for clarification on something later, because you don't know it, feel free to assume that Misae omitted it.))


[Time Skip]


Present Time

Asgardried, Main Entrance

Marin arrived at the group assembly at the same time as Aidan and Raschel. Raschel wore the suit of mithril Heimdall had made for her, with her jacket over it. Marin wore her normal wardrobe of overly tight clothes - pink shirt and blue jeans - that she could easily morph in. She was a bit surprised to see Aidan appear in full mithril armor.

"What happened to your loincloth?" she asked.

"I decided it was time for a change," Aidan said.

She shrugged and didn't press the subject.

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