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Sir-Vin "Hal, for over a half year I have guided Matthew, and now finally someone is steping in questioning about what I have done for him and that he can be given more 'proper' training. Please, if you haven't asked to interfere til now, then I'll have to protest that you do now. Don't think that I have not provided him with any sort of practice, I myself never had the opertunity to provide him with a lightsaber of his own, not perfect, but some."

*Sir-Vin looks at WH Irvine*

Cracern "I suppose I can wait another tour-de-univerce til i get to use these both at the same time agian."

*Sir-vin smiles*

Sir-Vin " Please don't mistake me for a fool, I wouldn't be so confiedent if I knew I'd be sending someone to his own death. Espcally if I can't prevent it."

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