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I agree it is horrible that saddam as a dictator was opressing and killing people. if that was the case the US would have taken over Iraq over 10 years ago when it invaded Kuwait.

They didn't because:
  • There was no good succesor for Saddam
  • Iraq was succesfully 'contained' by other countries
  • We have seen how it has destabilised the area
  • There ARE no links between Al-queda and Saddam
  • Militants would rised up and oppose any non-muslim force that occupid the country

They they could have invaded Iraq after:
  • reciving Full support of the UN
  • When The invading forces were lead by the UN
  • A consise plan was developed before the invasion for developing a governement and giving soverignty to Iraq as soon as possible
  • Train soldiers and workers to help fight and rebuild for a new Iraq

By invading Iraq and occupying it, the US has given all of the Al-queda members, and new recruits something to hate and 'defend' against.

we all know people are much more fanatical when defending, then when attacking

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