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Asgardried, Guy's Ship

Guy entered his ship's main hold, walking slowly, guided by the three-dimensional representational surface map the ship was feeding into his head through snakelike sensory attachments. He could hear the sounds of his droids running starting cycles on the contraption in the center of the cargo hold.

Pity I don't have the time for combat testing. This thing had better work.

The sensors attached to his eyes gave him a rudimentary representational image of the device in front of him. It had a roughly sphere-shaped body, with twelve spidery droid legs along the sides, and a hover field generator on the bottom. On the top there was a round "seat" that served to produce the force field that would hold him in place above the device. Robotic arms, housing shields and an assortment of ranged weapons, grew from the top of the sphere and bent to form a halo of sorts where his own arms would be. Finally, there was the stem that grew from the location behind where his back would be that housed the device's central computer, and the programs he would need to be able to actually hit anything.

It was heavily modified "Silver Spider" HBH-ABTMV. (Humanoid Battle Harness - Augmented Transportation and Manuevering Vehicle) It was imperfect, and it would not replace his magically damaged vision, but it would have to do.

He let a droid strap him into the harness above the seat. He activated the force field to hold his body in place and attached the necessary input sensors. Scanners onboard the battle harness found the life signs indicating the location of the others.

He moved out of his ship and headed to the ship's main entrance.

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