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Mos Eisley Cantina, Underground

Celeste: Excellent.

Riss: Ssince everyone currently pressent wisshess to join, then...*He looks at Aren*

Aren: Right this way, sirs and madams.

*She opens a door in the wall and heads down a corridor. At the end of the corridor, she punches some buttons on the wall.

The corridor starts to sink into the floor*

Aren: Soon you'll get the answers to all your questions.


Ulna Shardes Space, Blade Ship Inquiry

Rwos: What now? Where are we heading next?

Shane: You forget your place, Termand Rwos. You're under our custody and we have no obligation to answer your pointless questions.

Nereli: On the contrary, Shane. I will of course be happy to answer anything Termand Rwos wishes to ask, as he is here to offer us advice and assistance in a dimension which he is far more familiar with than us. *to Rwos* In answer to your question, we have located K'Warra K'laar.




Admiral Luthen: No, Chancellor, but we have relocated them. Cracern seems to have turned traitor and is working with the Loyalist. They both will soon be dead.



*Irvine's attack devastates the underprepared attacking forces, who take better cover behind walls, and in doorways, and keep firing*

Starr: We are close. The void in the Force seems to be located at the bridge.

((OOS: Scar, feel free to ad-lib on what you think the scenery and the layout of the place is, because I certainly am. ))

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