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((BD: Shame on Hal with how he is wearing the sword. It is sacrilage for a long sword to be worn over the back.

Just an observation: Where did Hal get the swords and dagger plus what are they made of and where is his lightsaber?))

*Svafa looks Hal over and lets out a brief laugh*

Heimdall: Hal as he said you had eight months to do something about Matt's training, you did nothing then and now there is no time for even a crash course.

Idun to Matt: No, rudimentary training is not suffiecent to what we are going to be facing.

*Guy arrives along with everyone else not yet present (just doing this to move the story alonge*

Heimdall: Good everyone is here, listen and pay attention. Once we leave this ship we are heading immediatly to a briefing. This briefing will be very important and for some could mean the difference between survival and death. After the briefing we are immediatly going to head out. No one is going to be left behind in the ship or in the base.

And to dispel anydoubts *looking at Sir Vin* a lot of blood will be shed before we leave this planet. Now that you are aware of what will be going on time is of the essence so let's go.

*The doors open Heimdall flanked by Idun and Svafa walk down the ramp. Gerd follows close behind remaining silent feeling the seriousness of the situation. At the base of the ramp were twenty Einherjar all dressed in full armor with closed helm. The armor was blue with silver trim like Heimdall's.

Heimdall takes the lead heading down a corridor the Einherjar flank either side of the group with another two taking up the rear. As soon as the group left the ship techs entered carrying cases of gear*

((I know some of you haven't replied yet, but I'm going to try and keep the story going. If you wish to specify something specific please feel free. The briefing will be posted tomorrow))

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