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((Ya, wasn't that discussed way back in Cantina 7? [I have been rereading some of it, looking for details on what WH Irvine was doing there] Basically IIRC Flax called them the forerunner of the lightsaber, and they were made of some material that looked like steel but wasn't.

Oops, forgot to post that Misae arrived...))

Misae had arrived slightly before Guy, wearing her tattered, badly mended Jedi robes. She still looked haggard, but she did not inject anything into the conversation about Matt.

She followed the others silently, wishing that every step she took was in the other direction. There was a great evil on this planet, practically pulsing with the Dark Side, an evil that felt as if it was watching the group with malevolent black eyes. She felt a great foreboding.

Darkness is triumphing here.

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