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Luthen: I will not fail you, Chancellor.


Cantina, Underground

Aren: You haven't seen the half of it, Gamma.

*The corridor sinks into the floor until it reaches the end of the floor, and keeps sinking into an enormous room, emerging from the top of a vast, arched ceiling.

Blanketing the floor of the room, far below, are a vast array of machines. Some resemble giant humanoids. Others take the more familiar shapes of various starships. Others look completely unfamiliar, like a cube, a spike standing on its end, and a long spiked cylinder floating on its "side".

The walls of the room were not walls.

They opened into what appeared to be a vast nebula of shifting and distorting colors. Lines of multicolored light blasted their way through an area that stretched as far as the eye could see outside. Ocassionally these streams of light headed at odd angles towards the interior of the great room, smash against an invisible force field with a burst of color, and veer off at another angle back into the endless expanse.

The very center of the floor opened into an abyss. Droids and humanoid forms as well as small craft poured in and out in neverending streams. Blue lights flickered far down in the darkness below, where nothing else could be seen.

Aren: This is all new. Built within the last few months, since the original Cantina was destroyed. Believe it or not, you assassins are the first natives to this dimension to see this.

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