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Been looking up loose/forgotten plot threads lately. Was really looking for my own stuff, but I found a couple things other people seem to have forgotten about, too!

BD, whatever happened to this plot thread?

Originally posted by BattleDog
Hal: As an aside, I doubt even you know about the base in Retari. We should go there. There's no way you have a copy of the book of Malken.


The book is hardcopy, it's 25,000 years old and contains the recorded location of every Jedi, stronghold, Warlord, force surge and weird mojo since it was written. It will tell us where Drago was when the Galaxy went boom.

I assume you know who he is?


Hal: He's an imortal vampire hunter, he's one of the few links between the old world and the new. *Shrugs* The way things are going having someone who can survive the destruction of a star might be useful.
Curious to know what you plan to do with this, if you still plan on doing anything with it that is.

As for you, Deac, I thought I'd found something of yours as well, until I realized that the 'mysterious figure' was actually Ellela. Oops.

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