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*The group follows Heimdall down a series of corridors, taking what seemed like random turns until finally coming to a nondescript in the middle of another corridor.

The door silently open revealing a somewhat odd briefing room. The room didn't have a lot of decoration as was set up as an amphitheater were enough chairs set up for the entire group (except for Ritchet) next to the chairs was a tank of crystal clear water with a ladder set up for entering and exiting the water.

Up on the dias was a podium and a holoprojector in next to it. Standing on the dias was Vidar talking to Idona. There were also three seats towards the back of the room.

When the group fully entered the room Vidar moves to the podium to speak*

Vidar: Please everyone have a seat. Marin the tank is for you in case you need it or are more comforatable in it.

((Will post the rest later but have to run for now))

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