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((OSS: I'll post this here because its short and it would have been explained if I could have posted.

Hal's Kit: Some of it he had all along and some he has picked up over the past year, some he has had made.

Matt's training: Hal has been busy building up his store of weapons (He even has full barding for a horse and a lance.) So he hasn't been paying much attention to Mat's training. Jedi shouldn't interfere with each other's Padawans; even though Sir-Vin isn't a true Jedi Hal extended him the curtisy. So he hasn't been paying attention and therefore does not know Mat's trainng is deficiant.

Crash Course Definition: Give him an Axe with a 2 foot haft and shield. "Keep the shield up, don't use the hook on the axe head and don't over reach." Enough to keep Mat alive.

For those who want precise explanations and details of Hal's kit check the discussion thread.))

*Before Briefing room.*

*Hal walks close to Sir-Vin.*

Hal: *Through gritted teeth.* Had I known you were neglecting the boys training I would have interviened months ago. If he dies it will have been your responsibility.

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