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((BD: Sorry I meant to have a if in that statement. As in If you turn a blind eye. Small typo))

Godsheim Station

Odin: You misunderstand, I do not mean you are shrugging off your duties, rather that an example of what would happen if you did nothing and allowed these creatures to attack your enemy. Rest assured if I you didn't take your responsiblities seriously you would not be sitting in the station at all.

Now this station is also somewhat of a test to measure the maturity of yourself (Odin pauses looks at Hal, Mirra and Ellela sperately and for a couple of seconds each), your fathers, your choosen governement, the worlds that allie themselves to you and even of your entire civilizations.

The questions that will be answered are. Do you run from a new challenge hoping someone else will handle it or do you face it with valor and bavery not knowing if you can handle it? Do you seek help when you need it or does your pride prevant that? Will these new responsiblities make you stronger or do you fall from the added pressure?

As I said about your civil war we are planning nothing, but nor are we unwilling. It is up to you from this point.

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