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*Sir-Vin stops, turns around, and gives Hal a serious 'look'. He then places his hand on Hal's shoulder.

With his hand on Hal's shoulder, he makes Hal hear his thoughts. Complete privaticy...*

Maybe if the circumstances were different in the Universe, maybe I would have given him an alternative, but I can't and I won't just give a mere learner a lightsaber, and tell him to swing it about and expect to swat away what ever enemy that comes to him. Students like him, at HIS age, NEED to have control over themselves FIRST, before anything. Or at least that's I preceive the situation as. I'm sorry if you think I should have spent what little time we had, but even the hardend soldier can find himself in a desprite situation, especally with the odd's we go agenst.

I'd rather see someone able to leave a fight faster then he's able to end it, if he can end it that is.

*Sir-Vin breaks his connection and turns back around and continues, the event only took no more then ten seconds.*

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