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((OOS: Scar, just to say all that would've taken twenty-thirty seconds. (And eight months is a little time? )

BD: Did your referenced post to the discussion thread get eaten or something? o.O))

Marin looked surprised, but gratified. "Thank you," she replied.

Raschel, Misae Aidan, and Marin took their seats, Marin in the tank. Raschel, unable to help watching the Water-Breather out of the corner of her eye, noticed Marin's ears changing shape slightly, along with the shape of her irises, after a few moments of being submerged. The girl overall looked far more comfortable, her movements fluid, compared to the stiff way Raschel had always seen her walk.

Guy simply approached the seating area in the Spider, retracted its visible weapons, lowered the robotic arms, and turned it in the general direction of the dias.

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