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Aren: Why not let the builder give the tour? *She smiles* You're still under the Mos Eisley Cantina, believe it or not. This is our newest, largest base in this dimension.

Want to know what brought us extradimensionals here, to this godforsaken dustball of a planet? *She points down to the abyss in the floor* See that blue light? It's residual energy from a dimensional hub. Dimensional hubs are few and far between; they have the interesting effect of dragging free-floating dimensional travelers towards them like black holes, and throwing them off into random places in reality. Very powerful, if harnessed correctly.

*Motioning to the walls* What you are looking into through there is another dimension entirely, a dimension we often refer to as "warp space." It's what we extradimensionals use for fast travel.

*The corridor approaches the floor and stops to hover several inches above it. Aren steps off, beckoning to the others as a few insect-like droids scatter away from her feet*

Aren: Sorry, I just can't resist showing off sometimes. This did take a bit of work to achieve, after all...but now for the stuff that you really care about, I expect. This way.

*On the ground, the group can see that the windows into the other dimension only cover about two-thirds of the "wall" area. Behind the group is a large dome with doors on the bottom. A metal framework stretches above, all the way up to the top, which was the floor of the Cantina basement.

Aren walks towards the dome and pushes in another code onto a pad*

Aren: This is what we've set up for you.

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