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Midgard: Vidgard

*Svafa, Idun and Gerd take seats in the front row while Heimdall climbs up onto the dias. Heimdall and Vidar grab hands and embrace quickly, Heimdall then takes one of the seats at the back, so does Idona.

Vidar waits until eveyone is seated before speaking again*

Vidar: Welcome to Midgard, and the next leg of your quest. For those who don't know I am Lord Vidar, the ruler of the Vanir...or rather the Aesir as you know us.

For those that first started the quest a year ago you may remember that this was a temperate world and that it was cloaked. Things have since changed dramatically.

*The lights dimm and the holoprojector turns on showing the snow covered planet with a spot of green along the equator. The planet slowly rotates.*

To be blunt our enemies now control the majority of this planet and we no longer have a defensive fleet. So those who thought that this may be an easy quest compared to what you have gone through before are sorely mistaken.

*The rotating globe of midgard freezes. Lines form showing territory controled by the enemy and the Aesir. Red terriroty stood for the enemy, blue for the Aesir. Roughly 75% of the planet was covered in red.*

The map you use has changed, the gate that you seek is located at Castle Ida which unfortuneatly is in enemy held territory.

*The image changes again, this time zooming in on the planet revealing a section of land with Vingard at the bottom and Castle Ida at the top. Most of the land was shaded red.*

Valkyrie Idona will now take over and explain what you are up against as well as outline how you are going to get to the castle.

*Idona stands and walks to the podium will Vidar takes a seat*

Idona: Good morning. As Lord Vidar said our objective is located in Castle Ida it is a two day march North from here and we will be leaving as soon as this breifing is over.

A majority of the journey will be in enemy territory and you need to have some knowledge of the creatures that you will be facing.

First we have the Sith *an image of a Sith appears on the holoprojector*. You meet a small portion of their army on Dagon Fel. Preferred weapon is the lightsaber, use the dark side of the force and unlike normal Sith these thanks to Hel do not stay dead.

The Sith have allied themselves with the Heloki. *an image of a bipedal cat like beast with long claws replaces the Sith* The heloki are feline creatures with long sharp claws able to pierce through armor. They hunt in packs are very fast, and like to eat anyone they capture.

Besides the cats we may be facing the Fenris brood. *The image changes to a large wolf stanidng fully erect next to a man. The wolf was slightly shorter but not by much* Another creature that likes packs is intelligent and fast. Biggest strenght is the size of the pack, where there is one there are at least another twenty.

Now we get to the deadlier opponents.

The Jotuns number six.

*The image changes to show two giants One wreathed in flames another in frost. At the mention of the name Jotun Gerd shudders and Idun puts a comforting arm around her*

three of fire and three of ice. The likely hood of encountering one of them is low most are now assembling in another area.

Then we have the rogue drakes *image changes to show a dragon* It is no stretch of the imagination to say if you see one of them your are their next snack.

We then have Hel *image turns to Hel, a beautiful woman above the waste, a rotting copse below*. Some of you meet her before she is stronger now and would be happy to let your entrails see the light of day. Hel's brother Jormungand *image now of a large serpant* would also love to meet you and kill you. With the Serpant bewarned that he breathes posion. Then you have the oldest sibling of the serpant and Hel, Fenrir who would kill you.

Surt is the lead Jotun, he is the tallest Jotun carries a flaming sword and is himself a fire jotun. Leading all of this is the father of Hel, Jormungand, and Fenrir. His name is Loki had he is perhaps the most dangerous man on the planet. *The holoprojector displays a man with cold blue eyes, long white hair, sporting a white mustache and goatee*. Loki can change his appearance and shape at will and he can do so to others. He is skilled in deception and is subject to mood swings.

Now these leaders of the enemy army are all located south of us and we shouldn't encounter them but you still should be on the look out.

Back to the journey itself *The holoprojector returns to the image of the map*. An armored hover car will take us to the front line after that we must march. To get to the castle we must pass through the plains of Lieskirnir a nomans land. We stop once midday for ten minutes for lunch and then again at nightfall to set up camp. We begin before dawn and keep going stoping once for lunch. By nightfall of the second day we will arrive at the castle take a couple hours of rest infiltrate and reach the gate.

*an image of Caslte Ida appears. the castle stands in ruins although a good portion of the keep remains more or less intact. The castle sits upon a small platue over looking the plaines*.

The enemy razed most of the walls when they took the castle allowing for multiple entry points. Gear will be issued to aid in inflitrating at the castle and we will go over that while enroute.

Since the enemy is marshalling their forces towards south of Vidgrid, the sole temperate zone left in Midgard. We should encounter little resistance.

I know give you over to Lord Heimdall for the final part.

*Idona sits down the holoprojector widens it zoom to now include Vidgrid*

Heimdall: On the ship I told you we had run out of time and that is true. A very large battle is going to be fought at Vidgrid in ten days. After that battle Midgard will be in the enemy's hands and reaching the Castle will be impossible. Some of you may be thinking two days in, two days out that is plenty of time. However we must return in five days for the marshalling of the Aesir. On top of that I and anywho wish to join me have a side trip to retrieve an artifact that will add an additional day.

About this battle at Vidgrid. All of you must march with the Aesir to the battle for no other reason then the Asgardried is being moved to Vidgrid. Svafa, Idun, Idona, Gerd, Lord Vidar, and myself along with the rest of the Aesir all must fight. You however, do not and can stay in the ship until the battle is over.

We are giving you the choice on whether you want to stand with us or sit this one out. We don't want you to decide now just within the next nine days. You need to understand survivalbility of this battle is very low and if you do fight there is a very good chance that you may be killed. Also hold no misconceptions we will not win this battle. Keep that in mind and if you wish to fight with us then just tell one of us.

Now one last thing, the weather outside is extermely cold. You will freeze to death inside an hour if you are not wearing proper protection. For those dressed in the armor I gave you there are spells in it that will keep you warm and protect you. *Looks at Hal* Even your armor Hal will keep you warm. Just because you changed it doesn't negate the spells over it.

For those without armor and those who would like some more protection, there is cold weather gear in another room. And in case you haven't guess Idona is coming with us. Any crash course *looks at Matt, Sir Vin, and then Hal* will have to be taught will enroute or once we stoped for the night.

That is all we have. Any questions?

*the lights in the room raise and the holoprojector shuts off*

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