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Heimdall: The car is needed elsewhere, to transport more warriors here for the gathering.

*Orthos's question*

Vidar: We slay them and after a little bit they regenerate and come at us again. Time for their regenerate seems to vary with the wounds inflicted. Worse the wound the longer it takes for them to regenerate.

*Hals Question*

Heimdall: It will be a gentlemen's battle. Ranged weapons will not be used. Weapon wise you are looking at the use of melee weapons. Needless to say if you are not skilled with a sword, lightsaber axe etc. you shouldn't be in the battle.

Vidar: Unfortunatley we can not let you into the armories to arm Matt. As I understand it, it was Sir Vin's duty to provide him with any necessary weapons and armor. Also our armories are devoted to arming our own soldiers for the coming battle.

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