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((A bunch of people Ritchet cares about have died on Midgard? o.O))

"This is just the Sith, right?" Raschel asked. "Or does this apply to everyone we'll be fighting?"

"Guy, what about you?" Marin asked through her tank. "Your ship is not that large. We could use it rather than an armored car. Oh, and if the Aesir can't spare any weapons, could *you* perhaps, find something Matt could use?"

"No," Guy said. "My ship cannot be used to transport us. Its power is currently dedicated to making it harder for those old friends we met on Enoy to find us, since we are longer constantly moving from place to place. And no I do not know if they are actually still following us but it is better to take no chances. If they find us they will likely kill us.

"As for Matt, I don't know what I can get for him on such short notice. If he has no previous skill in any sort of weapon I cannot give him anything. Perhaps I can get him a shield or simple protective device of some sort but it may or may not help him much."

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