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Sir-Vin "You should give Matthew a little more credit then that. I can very well provide him with a lightsaber. As for a "crash course" that all seem you to think he needs, I will also provide."

*sighs* "I trained Matthew for mental discipline, he does show that he would need more progression, take him violating your very rules of entering restricted areas of the Asgardried. I saw it to prioritise him to be able to maintain control of himself, and not just to be able to swing a weapon. You Aesir are probably alot older then what even I can comprehend, and from the appearence of your lifestyle, you've lived with your methods of being superoir in combat. With that in mind, I wouldn't doubt that you'd rather value someone who is able to go into a battle and calm mind, rather someone who'd recklessly charge into one."

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