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((Just to keep the assassin group info straight/recap: it's Riss, Celeste, Aren, Gamma, JM's char, Sabaac-man, Nom and Tarila, and several other unknown masked assassins. Everyone is masked but Riss, Celeste, Aren and Gamma. Unless Scar says otherwise Sungchi isn't with the group since he's seen all this before.))


Aren: I admire your sense of self-preservation, but if we wanted to kill you, why would we wait till now to do so?

*A portal opens up in the section of the dome facing the group*

Aren: In case you're thinking that this is an awkward place to put the headquarters of an assassins' guild, don't worry. You'll understand soon enough.

*After the group enters, the portal seals itself closed without a trace. Inside is a large, round room, outfitted with Coruscanti style furniture and other trappings, with a strange device on a pedestal in its center. Two corridors are on the sides of the room. The left reads "Armory, Supplies, and Practice" in Basic. The right reads "Transport and Utilities".*

Aren: So, what do you want to do next? *She rubs her hands together half-mockingly*



Starr: No. Let's see if you can do more than throw your lightsaber. Wipe the corridor ahead of us clean of enemies. Do it quickly, as more will be arriving very shortly.

*Ahead of them, just around a corner, several stormtroopers begin preparing explosives*

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