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For you boneheads here, the 4 Super Star Destroyers(including the Executor) were finished just prior to Empire . I believe Han engaged in battle to sabotage the Executor in a mission. A Rebel pilot(Jan Dodonna's son, Vrad Dodonna) died destroying the shield generators on it,slowing down the time it took to make it. That I know for sure. So it wouldn't be in-game till timeline advances to ESB and we know they won't advance the timeline(for fear of having to go post-ROTJ where they think the Empire somehow became less powerful).

As for the Death Star, it couldn't be in orbit around Endor. If it could obviously be seen by so many people, then the Rebels would've sent countless numbers of sabotage teams and fleets to destroy it(or its shield generator). So logically it can't be there.

But then again the first Death Star took 20 years to build, yet this new Death Star took less than 4 years(1/5 the time of the first one) and it was 40km bigger and quite a bit more powerful. The only guess I have is that by the time the Death Star II is being built, construction methods & speeds had increased. That and the Empire is at its might and has lots more resources than around the time of ROTS.
So that's a big NO to either being in JTLS.

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