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Star Wars theme for my wedding and funeral

I get goosebumps when ever I hear the Star Wars theme. It means so much to me. That is why I have decided to have a Star Wars-themed wedding and funeral.

As I walk down the isle-either the Throne Room song from A New Hope or the Imperial March

As my wife and I drive away-main Star Wars theme

At the reception-Cantina band songs, and Lapti Nek, plus others

I'll have the local Star Wars costuming group come. I'm thinking tons of Imperials or Rebels lined up on either side of the isle (a la the throne room from A New Hope). Then they can come to the reception and dance!

Now for this, I have two ideas, either my body burning while wearing some Vader armor (a la Return of the Jedi) or my body being shot into the nearest star from aboard a starship (a la Star Wars novels).

Either way, the Force Theme will be playing. The song you hear while Luke is watching Vader's body burn in RotJ.

I think these are very fitting.

Again, I'll have Imps or Rebs there and saluting as my body is done away with.

BTW, I'm gonna hire John Williams and the London Symphony Orchestra to play these songs.

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