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((Warning, prepare for shameless plot twisting to accomidate Hal riding a horse.))

Inteligence Report A233-97556-4435-G

Subject: Rebel Activity.


All Rebel Activity has ceased in the Outer Rim. We can find no trace of Rebel Forces. We believe the Outer Rim Forces are marshally but can find no evidence.

Report Ends.


Rebel Transmission, Outer Rim (Intercepted)

?1: The Son of the Wolf Has been found.

?2: Good, can we come to him in time.

?1: Yes.

?3: Prepare the Legion.

?2: By Your Word. Blood and Honour

?1: Blood and Honour

*Transmision ends.*


Hal: Well gues I'm stuck, I'll work some thing out for Matt. I'll be at the battle.

Fly Fast,
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