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*Ellela's Questions*

Heimdall: Yes they will leave you alone for this and this time only. There are certain rules regarding this battle the neither side will break. One of those rules is that noncombatants are not to be attacked.

*Matt and Tanara back and forth*

*Vidar looks at Heimdall breifly before responding*

Vidar: For the last time, we will lose the battle. There is no winning. If you want to fight in this battle and survive then you are going to have to fight from an hour past dawn until dusk. That is roughly fourteen hours of friece fighting.

If you do not think you can handle that then you can wait in the Asgardried where you will be perfectly safe. Those who do survive must leave the planet that night since with the next dusk all rules are off.

*Ignoring Matts final question*

The time for questions is now over. Idona will take you to where the cold weather gear is and then to the car.

*Vidar turns to Heimdall speaks quietly for a moment steps down from the dias and turns to a hidden door. Outside a man dressed in Einherjar armor greets Vidar*

Vidar: What do you have for me Viddall?

Viddall: The latest reports on the size of the enemy army and...

*The door closes cutting off hidding the rest of Vidar and Viddall's converstation*

Idona: Come with me. We are running a little behind now.

*Idona steps down with Heimdall a step behind. Svafa, Idun, and Gerd stand and fall in behind the two. Idona heads out of the room from the same doorway in which the group had entered a little while ago*

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