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((JM: You also forgot to post what Greer said.

Sorry for not replying, my last post got eaten. x_x))


Aren: Well, Mister Impatient, I just want to show you how to use the facilities we're providing for you. Believe me, without them you'll never get the targets I want you to try for. *to Nom and Tarila* Let me be clear. I trust you just fine, just because I'm confident all of you together couldn't kill me if you tried. We simply don't intend to throw you into a snowstorm without at least giving you a scarf first. Capiche?

Riss: Perhapss we sshould proccceed to the armory, Misss Aren.

Aren: Right away.

((OOS: Sorry to cut the post off without moving things along much, but I'm out of time, and I accidentally deleted half my post because there's no right-click-Undo function on this Mac computer. x_X fsck. Will post more tomorrow))

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