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A Legion of Agamarian Warriors is currently headed towards Midgard, Dago will reappear then.

Composition of an Agamarian Legion

The Levy:
These warriors form the bulk of the legion, their personnal fighting skills are impressive but because of their rural location they rarely have time practice in large units.

1000 Longbow Men.

These warriors are equipped with longbows and two quivers with a total of 60 arrows. They wear leather jerkins and helmets. They are also equipped with 1 1/2 foot diameter round shields, stored on the back and an axe with a 1 1/2 foot haft.

These men fight primarily as archers but can act as a light infantry, they should remain behind the shield wall unless needed to fight hand to hand.

2000 Men at Arms

Warriors armoured in scale shirts, helmets and leather on wrists and shins. They carry 3 foot diameter round shields, 8 foot spears, topped with an 8 inch leaf point made, sharped down both edges and two edged 28 inch swords.

These men are good all round medium infantry, able to use their spears against cavaly or as javalins hurled before closign to fight enemy infantry with swords. These men form the shield wall.

400 Light Infantry

Un armoured except for a light leather jerkin and leather cap, they carry 1 foot diameter bucklers and 45 inch two handed swords.

These men are employed in small groups to take out exposed enemy artillary and engage and hold enemy archers before the men of the shield wall arrive to cut them to pieces. Comming from the rugged Northern provinces they move very fast afoot.

The Militia:
Drawn from the twons these men are a more cohesive unit, more ordered and more diciplined in battle.

1000 Billmen

More heavily armoured than the House Gaurd Billmen protect the flanks of the shield wall, eqipped with bill axe-hooks and short swords they are capable of carving enemy cavalry and infantry to pieces.

800 Light Cavarly

Lightly armoured and eqipped with swords, shields and bows, these men well trained and fast moving but will not stand long against heavy cavalry.

These men are charged with providing scouts during marches and battle and with protecting the flanks of the army where needed

The House Gaurd:
1,200 House Gaurds march with the army, of these 600 are foot and 600 horse.

600 Foot

Armoured in scale coats, greaves, gauntlets, collars and open face helmets these men carry a Battle Axe with a 4 foot haft as well as a 28 inch sword and a 3 foot diameter round shield.

These men are the elite heavy infantry, their axes are equipped with hooks for openeng enemy armour and dragging men from their horses. They move fast considering their armour and fight to the death. They are deployed where needed.

600 Horse

Armoured in the same way as the foot except for their full face great helms and teardrop shaped shields they carry heavy 16 foot lances with 1 foot steel tips. Their secondary weapon is a two handed longsword. Their horses are fully barded.

These horsemen function as the primary attacking force of the Legion, heavily armoured as they are they are able to break enemy formations and fight against heavy odds. Their lances make them particually deadly.

The General's Gaurd 20

Twenty mounted House Gaurds selected for their skill and loyalty are charged with defence of the General of the Army.

Total: 6,421

An army is generally compased of between 2 and 6 Legions and the entire military is composed of 24 Legions of roughly 160,000 men.

Fly Fast,
Shoot Straight,
Live Long!

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