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SWBF PC Dedicated Server FAQ [UPDATED 9/23]

StarWars Battlefield PC Server Admin FAQ 1.01
September, 22 , 2004: 3:00 PM EDT

This is a FAQ for Server admins. It will be updated as more information becomes available from Lucas Arts or other Admins.

UPDATE 9/23: Log Files & Increasing FPS
UPDATE 9/26: running in non English Windows
UPDATE 10/5: 3rd Party tools

Where can I get the Standalone PC Dedicated Server?

Will there be a Linux Server
To be released ‘soon’ according to Lucas Arts

Does the server support the 1.00a patch?
Yes, both patched and unpatched players can play on a 1.0 Dedicated Server (there is no server patch)

Can I run these off my home computer
Yes, but to handle anything more than 6 players requires a connection better than cable/DSL, For more info GO HERE.

What options do I have setting up a server?
- Server Name
- Maps & Rotation (upto 24)
- Max Players (up to 50) & players required to start
- Number of AI Units
- Heroes On/Off
- AI difficulty level
- Friendly Fire On/Off
- Auto Team Select On/Off

Is there a client-based mod content check or Punkbuster option?

Is there a way to display the server on ASE?
No, Gamespy only

What Data Port does it use?

Is there a separate server manager program from LA or a 3rd Party?

Is there a server log file created?
Yes, but to turn this option on you have to edit the setup file

Is there a way to control the IP and/or Port used?

Is there anyway to control the server remotely?

Are there console commands from within the game?

Is there a way to kick/ban players, change maps or make any changes once a server is running?
No (except turning it OFF)

Can I increase the max fps?
Yes you can by editing the setup file. It is not recommended to go above 30.

Are there going to be updates/patches that offer more admin support?
yes...timing unkown see Pandemic Response here


Why cant I run the dedicated server on my remote box, it wont start up?
You may need to install DirectX 9.0c .

Can I run the Server on a non English version of windows?
yes solution here

-----------3rd PARTY TOOLs-----------------

Is there a 3rd Party Server Manager/Remote Manger?
Both the developers who made managers for Battlefield and Battlefield Vietnam have expressed interest, but due to the lack of RCON controls within the game prevent any development at this point

Are there Server Status and Player Stats scripts I can put on my website?
Yes. Both Stats and Status scripts are available in PHP and CGI here

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