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A couple of things BD: Although compared with the rest of the post these are veyr minor.

1. How do they know where Midgard is?

2. Why are they taking a legion with them? Since they do not know what is going on .

3. Considering the advance weapons used in the galaxy why does the Agamarian legion(s) still have longbow men and calvary with horses? Seems rather pointless as they would be slaughtered.

About the final battle. To save everyone some frustration.

1. The battle will be a slaughter for the Aesir and those who fight with them. Few are going to survive. (This will not change).

2. Even if the Agmarian legion arrives in time they will not be allowed to fight or even land on the planet. A spell is going to prevant it.


The will get slaughtered and there is no need for that to happen. So the Aesir will refuse and if necessary have their droids prevant interferance.

Calvary and archers are in direct violations of the rules of the fight. (See below for a complete list of the rules below). This will be a pure foot battle.

Third and maybe most important. Their inclusion would destroy the plot and purpose behind the battle.

Rules of the Battle:

1. Once Heimdall retrieves a horn (the artifact) all fighting will cease until the battle of Vidgrid.

2. The battle will begin an hour after dawn and end at dusk. At dusk both sides withdraw from the battle. The group and any surviving Aesir have that night leave the planet. With the dawn of the next day all rules are off.

3. Noncombatants will not be attacked.

4. Ranged weapons, calvary etc are not going to be used. It is purely foot combat using solely melee weapons.

5. The survivors of the losing army (the Aesir and group) have one full night to leave the planet.

6. At dusk at a rooster crows fighting immediatly stops. If you are about to give a killing blow it is to late.

Basic outline of what will happen at the battle.

Dawn: The two armies awaken, get suited up and march to the field. An hour after that the fight begins.

Dawn-Dusk: The fight is long and hard and very fierce the opposing army is huge (saving exact numbers on size for dramtic reasons). and the Aesir get slaughtered.

Dusk: Roosters crow and the both sides stop fighting. Droids then go in to the battle and retrieve the bodies of the dead and wounded.

Night: The dead Aesir are cremated and the group leaves.

A couple of things: I have planned out this battle (as Red can attest) for a very long time. At this point I am not willing to change anything drastically (like the inclusion of the Agamarian legion, or having the Aesir win).

There is a certain mood and effect that I'm going for and I think everything will work out the way it stands. I'm not divulging everything and the exact details for effect although if your really need to know just PM me and I'll send you some details

BD: If you want just Drago to join I can work something out but the Agamarian legion would in a way destroy the point and plot of this paticular battle.

Sorry all, I should have posted this sooner and would have saved a lot of trouble.

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