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Admiral, worry ye not.

1. The Will of the Force

2. Hal is the last male heir to the Earldom of the Black Wall, (Lords of Agamar.)

3. The weapons aren't exactly "normal" and the Legion is perfectly capable of fighting with modern weapons. In General Cavaly use Heavy Tanks, Longbowmen are Infanty, the Shieldwall becomes mechanized infantry etc.


Notes on Agamarian weapons:

(Would have posted this before but ran out of time.)

Fire Horses:

These animals are not native to Agamar and their exact origan is unknown however they make cavalry a viable proposition on the modern battlefield.

A. Fire Horses are built like war horses but their size is considerably bigger.

B. Fire Horses run at a top speed of 45 miles an hour average.

Static Bows:

Filiment wires in the bows energise the arrows apon release, alowing them to puch through heavy armour and energy shields.

As to how the Agamarians know whats going on, I'll leave that under raps until at least the end of this chapter.

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