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*Idona leads the group through another series of what seemed like random turns and twists coming finally to the appropiate room

Off to the side of the room was a table with clothes on them. The far side had a large metal door that was at the moment closed

In the center of the room was a large hovering troop transport. It's rear hatch was completly lowered acting as a ramp. Two men and a woman stood there dressed in Green armor with Gold trim (like Idun's armor). A droid also stood to one side holding a dark blue mithril shield with a enclosed triad carved into it and a belt with a sword on it.

Once the group completly enters Idona speaks*

Idona: The cold weather gear is over there.

*Idona nods to the men and woman and enters the transport. Heimdall walks over three Beserks*

Heimdall: Ragnar why are you here?

*A tall beserk a little shorter then Heimdall, with short blonde hair snaps to attention and salutes Heimdall*

Ragnar: Lord Heimdall, I was just giving last minute updates to my Beserks.

Heimdall: Ah, it is good to see you again my friend.

Ragnar: That is the second reason. Want to see you before you left. Anyways I have to run, more soldiers are arriving all the time.

Heimdall: I'll see you again before the march.

*Ragnar Salutes again and leaves the room. Idona comes out carring a duffel bag. She sets the obviously full duffel bag on the ground opens it and slides it towards Matt. Inside the bag were a hunderd lightsabers. The lightsabers were of different sizes and designs but all had a symbol of a burning sword emblazened on the hilt.*

Idona: If Matt needs a melee weapon he can take and use one of the Sith lightsabers we confiscated after a recent engagement.

*Idona turns andwalks back inside the transport. Durning this Svafa leads Gerd over to the droid. She takes the belt holding the sword*

Svafa: This young one is for you.

*Svafa puts the belt around Gerd adjusting it so the sword would ride properly against her him. Svafa then takes the shield and puts the carrying strap across Gerds back again adjusting the strap so it would ride comfortable.*

Svafa: There you go. No get in the transport.

*Idun, Svafa, and Gerd all walk into the transport and takes seat next to and opposite of Idona.*

Beserk: Lord Heimdall just say the word and were off.

Heimdall: Alright. it will be just a couple more minutes.

Beserk: Yes Lord.

*The two beserks climb into the transport the male taking the driving position while the female armed the weapons.

Heimdall walk to the back of the transport and waited there until the group was ready*

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