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Originally posted by The_Preacher
Best BF moment happend today.

i was on the Kashyyyk docks level, on one of the overhead walkways as a rebel vanguard.

i spent my time taking out about 4 AT-ST's as they came accross teh shallow water. i run into a hut to resupply my ammo when all of a sudden i hear, darth vaders breathing. OH CRAP. lol

he starts running towards me, so i start running over the high walkway towards the end of the walkway, and it suddenyl popped into my head. I turned around facing vader still chargin at me, and i dropped a mine.

Vader proceeded to run directly into the mine and BOOOMMM weeeeeee, Vader goes shooting up about 50 feet int eh air somersaulting endlessly, flys over teh railing and lands flat on his face in teh water below.

i was laughing like mad.

i then proceeded to do this mine dropping fun + thermal detonators for about 10 more minutes on poor vador, however after one of the mines, he got back up, then fell back to the floor again and vanished before my eyes.

I guess i killed lord vader. but it didnt register as a kill for me though :/ so i was a tad disapointed

but it was fun.
That's awsome

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