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((might not be til me and reg get off of Vigilance, instory time-wise))

Sabaac-man "Don't take me lightly. I'm alot more competent that what you take me for."



Irvine *reluckant* "Well, we better get the crap over with..."

*Irvine hops through the hole in the blast doors, with saber(blue) in his right hand, he charges are the stormtroopers.*


((okay, yeah lame, what ever

here comes some action that we've needed))

*The storm troopers open fire on him as he begins to strafe left and right, using the forge to augment his moves.

He gets to the first trooper, he spins slightly counter-clockwise slicing his opponent at the hip. While passing the 'sliced' trooper, he moves forward to the next one, reversing his turn slicing the other. Still moving forward with his momentum, he takes his saber, and brings it up to an overhand swing, and thrusts the tip through the armour and into the chest of the third trooper.

proceeding that he pulls back and defends himself agenst an incoming blaster fire by moving his hand horizontally parellel to his shoulders and having the blade follow. Then he rotates the saber down pointing to his lower left with his left hand now aiding, to deflect another shot, and to hit another stormtrooper.

Pressing forward he continues the movement of his saber, now in a full swing from his lower left to above his right shoulder, bringing it around his head, and swinging it down in a diagonal cut, also allowing his left hand to let go to grab one of his lightfoils, igniting it and force throwing it into a couple of adjacent stormtroopers, then he throws his saber at another pair.

Another blasterfire gets near and just as he released his saber his left ahdn grabs for the second foil and also ignites it, this time brought it stright up to deflect, just intime after his right arm was out of the way....*

((doesnt knwo how well that sounds ^_^; ))

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