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"Alright," Marin said nervously. She left the transport and picked up the set of clothing that looked nearest to her size and returned to the transport.

Aidan looked at her questioningly. "Why not take your armor?" he asked. "You still have it, right?"

"It's on the Asgardried," Marin answered. "Besides, it takes too long to get off. I need to be able to morph."

"But..." He looked at Heimdall questioningly. "Can her armor dissolve at will like yours can? I only half remember, but I know you did something to temporarily get rid of it when she walked you through shapeshifting."

"The crystals only channel the Dark Side," Misae pointed out to Cracern. "I studied some of the Sith's history in my master's holocron. The sabers should work for you, but they won't be able to cleave an ordinary blade. At least as long as you're staying in tune with the Light Side."

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