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Hiya Niner. It's going pretty darn good.

Here is a recap of the past few months....

I took off the whole month of July from work and we took a 3 week trip to South Dakota to visit some of the wifes family, then we drove over to Minnisota to see some old friends while we were out there. We put 4200 miles on a rental van. Then we just spent a week at home... Then we decided we would look for a new house... So about 3 weeks ago we found one about 15 miles south of where we are now. It's bigger and has more yard for our kids and a over sized 3 car garage. We close in October.. Then is Sept we had our 10th wedding anniversary. My little girl turned 3 in August. Next weekend we are going to Vegas. Also while in South Dakota we went to the wifes 20th school reunion and mine is in October.

Damn, what else has happened........ well so far that's the high lights any ways.....

Here are a few pictures......

This is the wife and my little girl Danielle at Easter at my sisters house....

This is me and my son Gabe at Safeco field (Mariners) on Fathers day. The let parents play catch in the out feild with their kids for a little while...

The kids asleep at Grandamas house in SD...

And the wife and I at her reunion....

And there ya have it.

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Nuff said!

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