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Very Disappointed With The Game

I know I already place this in the other forum thread, but I believe it needs to be here

Well, After all the hype of the game and the enhanced video on TV made me what to buy the game. But after installing the game, setting up a server, and then playing with friends online, I really can say this really is disappointed in the whole game.

1) The dedicated server setup is too simplistic, you can not even put the configuration GUI in the background on the server or even close it (when you do it kills the server). Or is there a Linux version for us Linux server people.

2) No console or remote console controls, no map timers, etc. No real customization or configuration variables to improve server settings. No way to manage obnoxious and abusive players. No configurable ports to allow for multiple servers on a machine.

3) When trying to select at server, sluggish response of the browser, end up select the wrong server to join. Once you are in you cant even tell which server you are connected too.

4) Graphics are really disappointing, expecting the detail and physics of UT2004 Onslaught game but getting the feel of Dark Forces II game. Jedi Knight II: JO has more map detail and better physics than this game. The star-fighters were flying way too slow as they strafed and dogfight. (Pandemic please pick up a copy of Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast and Unreal Tournament 2004 to see where you can improve). I know that maps are larger and there are more AI bots, but the game details and physics should not suffer because of AI resources needed.

5) The network connection really needs works, one tooo many communication ports. This really makes it hard for the non-network oriented people to configure their firewall (network expert here). You have twice as many ports and port ranges for the game and this does even include any remote administration through HTTP or RCON..

6) Where is the VOICE COM advertised? No where in manual or online FAQ is it explained how to use the built in VoIP communication.

All I can say is I am not recommending this game to my friends, since it seems to be a step back in time in gaming technology.
Pandemic needs to take some lessons from Activision, Atari, Raven, and others.

Bruce Crawford

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