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I don't know about that. Did they say the original masters didn't exist? I can't remember...

A few other changes I forgot to mention (subtle ones mentioned on other sites):

The "Detention Block" in ANH, the hallways are made to look like they stretch on further.

Also in ANH there is some scene with the twin suns of Tatooine that has been altered. I think its when the sun is setting they darken the scene so that it fits. I'd have to check the exact section but I've read it in several places now. Supposedly 24-25 minutes into the movie.

The "Senate and Jedi Temple" are included in the Coruscant celebration scene at the end of ROTJ (though you'd have to point out to me which buildings they are, since without the SE to compare I don't know).

Supposedly in ESB at the 92 minute mark there are a couple of shots of Han in his black jacket that were "corrected" (erased the jacket?) due to some continuity gaffe.

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