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Anybody who points to the graphics of UT2k4 as the pinnacle of the age needs a reality check.

While the graphics aren't stellar they are quite good. The feel of a hazy battlefield, not being able to make out enemy troops in the distance, and the detail of just about everything but guns is well done. The HUD is awful but when you get in a stationery gun on hoth, that looks "authentic."

It's Battlefield. You came in with totally the wrong expectations. They weren't looking to make anything new, as you seem to think. It's all about the game being fun.

Yes, the server browser, connectivity and entire system of joining/rejoining/changing maps is god-awful but that'll be fixed, for the most part. As well as admin controls.

And yeah some vehicles do move somewhat slow at times (but that's because people don't know how to drive them) but they DO run on repulsors... not jet engines. But I agree with you on that point.

All your major points they've pretty much said they are going to fix.

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