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stuff I learned while playing (PC version)

learn to use the keyboard to control vehicles and starfighters.

Starfighters especially. Do *not* use the mouse except to pitch up or down or to fine-tune your aim. If you need to turn, use the W and D keys because they provide a much tighter turning arc than the mouse. In addition, there's no point in blazing around the map at full throttle. Starfighters always move forward unless you close throttle (S key) and put it into a hover, so using full throttle (W key) will usually just launch you off the map. Open it up only when you need to make a quick escape.

Personally, I find first-person/in cockpit view the easiest way to pilot vehicles and starships, except the Snowspeeder when you need to keep an eye on your tow cable.

Nearly all of the rocket launchers can 'lock on' to large targets like vehicles and spacecraft. Hold your crosshair over the target until a pair of red lines appear. If you don't, your shots will probably miss.

If you see a hovering "gun" hologram, you can use a pilot's fusion cutter to build a turret there. Fusion cutters can also repair busted droids, turrets, startships, and vehicles.

Tall skinny droids - heals you
Power droids - replenishes your ammo
Red R5 droids - vehicle/starfighter repair

now, can anyone tell me the difference between concussion, EMP, and standard grenades? Especially on characters that have two types? Why do I care? They all seem to do damage and don't have any special status effects.

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