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Petition: Fix The Server Browser!

First off, great game, love it so far. But my god, this has the worst server browser ive ever used. There needs to be a few more options and i dont like being forced to use gamespy. Here is what i belive is needed, feel free to post your comments and suggestions as well.

> Filters, Filters, Filters. Ones for maps, populated servers, Dedicated, Password only, Pure servers, Ping and did i mention maps?

>Favorites. I need a place to keep a small list of favorite servers.

>Direct IP. There needs to be away to add in an IP address to a server to make it easy to join clan servers or a server a buddy you know of is playn on with out having to wait forever for that list to show.

>a STOP function While gathering server info.

>Show Current Map. Next to the number of players, server name, dedicated and ping meter there needs to be a "Current Map" And a "Game Type" These are a must.

Basicly, the devs need to play some BF1952 some more. Study that browser then get to work . If ive left anything out or you want to make suggestions or comments plz do. And dont forget to /sign the petition if you agree.

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