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Experienced Gamers Resume... searching for clan


I bought a copy 1 hour after the game was released, and have been playing it since. I am looking for a clan to join that has their stuff together. Here is my information that will help you decide if I am a good pick for your Clan:

I began my online gaming with the Firearms Mod. I joined a clan Named AF or Assault Force, which was a sister clan to EF or Elite Force. My Screen name for that game and all Half-life Mods was Knunchucksammy. Soon after, there were some leadership issues because the leader did not have a good place to play and a good connection. He asked me to lead the clan, after being in it for only a couple of months. This was a pretty good clan, and pretty popular. We placed 4th in the CAL league that I participated in. I lead the clan to this victory, and we soon after left the game because I did not have the time to devote to the game to get good at it like I wanted to.

Day of Defeat: I started a clan named FuPa which was a mockery of clans basically, but only because DoD clans that we had come in to contact with were extremely rude. Not stereotyping, just making an observation. I got disgustingly good at this game. I couldn't even play Avalanche or some of the other maps without getting booted for supposedly cheating. I was one of the best "commando" style players in that game that I have seen.

Star Wars Galaxies: I started and lead the largest Rebel Guild on the server "Corbantis". We were a PvP Guild, which still takes skill in this game, and had voice communication and practices etc. My brother lead the army, and I lead the Guild. It was one of the best legends on the server, but some Imperials would tell you that we were hated, well, because the enemy hates their most worthy opponent.... I am proud of this endeavor.

About me:

I am a wedding DJ, so I have a bit of time of during the week. Weekends are inconsistent, and nights can be taken up untill later on. I am willing to practice, and I am willing to be a member that will play whenever I can. I can type about 70 wpm, so communication is good, although I completely expect whatever clan I join to have voice communication and yes I understand how to use Ventrillo and Teamspeak and I have them both. I also am an experienced Forum user and I like to join the Forum community when I get into a game.

I am often times referred to as one of the nicest people you will meet, but I have a sick sense of humor sometimes. I want to join a clan that has their act together, and I would like to be an asset to them as I have been with every other online game that I have played. I am in every sense of the word a "Power Gamer".

Screename: Back Irie

Email Address:

Real name: Matt

Hit me up via EMAIL please if you have any more questions or would like to talk to me about joining.

Lets join some leagues, and lets win them
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